Morning Routine Advice From Times Readers and Reporters

There’s a lot of power in having a morning routine. It reduces decision fatigue and can help you be more productive through the day.

You can also start the day more informed. Many New York Times readers do so by starting their days with the Morning Briefing. Last week we asked this group to tell us about their morning routines.

All told, 331 readers shared their routine with us. Among the most mentioned items: Coffee (126 mentions), prayer or meditation (84), running/walking (95) or exercise (94), breakfast (97) and planning the night before (35).

Below is some advice culled from Times reporting and offered by Times readers for each of these components of a successful morning routine.


The Times Cooking section has written directions on how to make specialties like cold brew coffee, Irish coffee and New Orleans Cold Drip. We’ve also written how to simply brew a better cup of coffee.

A lot of readers wrote in to talk about the advantages of starting their morning routine the night before, including picking out clothes, lining up emails to respond to, and preparing the next day’s food. We’ve written about the power of leveraging To-Do lists before, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that itemized.

Reader May B. from New York shares:

I prep for the next day the night before. I make overnight oats, or leave the ingredients for my omelet ready. I lay down my running gear for the morning before I go to bed and I make a mental map of what I am going to wear to work so I don’t spend time rummaging my closet in the morning. I have 3 roommates so organization is key.

If a healthy breakfast is part of your morning routine, by all means stick with it. But those who might skip it shouldn’t feel too bad. As The Upshot has explained in the past, there’s nothing magical about breakfast.

But for those who still enjoy it, we have a bunch of great breakfast recipes you can sort through here.

And, of course, there can mental benefits to having breakfast. Reader Elizabeth R. from Italy shares:

I always, always eat breakfast and make sure I am sitting down, with full service (plate or bowl and silverware and place mat), by my kitchen window. It may be only for 5 minutes some mornings but the point is I’ve had that moment.

MARCH 15, 2017


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